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Founded in 2008, skinstitut is the industry leader in affordable, high-performance cosmeceutical skincare.

They passionately believe that quality cosmeceutical skincare should be affordable for every face. Formulated by our expert team of cosmetic chemists, our skincare range is renowned for delivering transformative results— and for our skinstitut Price Promise of $49 or less. 

Constantly inspired by the innovation and technology of professional skin treatments, our products deliver visible change within the skin. We hero active ingredients, advanced delivery systems, and stable, skin-syncing formulations which are clean, cruelty-free, and vegan, and don’t use unnecessary filler ingredients or excessive packaging.

Proudly Australian owned and operated and are supported by a network of over 900 professional clinics and specialist retailers where skinstitut is the #1 choice for at-home care and to support, soothe, and heal post-treatment skin.

Beauty & Laser by Sarah stocks the full Range of Skinstitut retail products and use in conjunction with professional skin treatments.


Any 3 Products for $99.00

Any 5 Products for $149

The Skin Juice story began in 1996 when the founder developed a healthy daily skin diet that would feed the skin like a healthy diet feeds the body, using 4 products to cleanse, hydrate, protect and nourish.

Inside the juice jar you will find natural and organic superfoods fused with nutraceutical ingredients which are free from artificial sweeteners and can be safely digested by the skin. Each product contains bio compatible essential nutrients which will help to balance conditions such as oiliness and dryness, while reducing sensitivity, dehydration and breakouts, along with protecting the skin against premature ageing.

The bright colours of the packaging represent the natural and organic fruits, plants and superfoods that create each product, proving healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

Skin Juice is creating your one stop shop for clean, Australian made and cruelty free experiences.

Beauty & Laser by sarah Stock the full range of Retail Skin Juice products and use in Conjunction with professional Skin Juice treatment services

VANI-T is an Australian natural tanning and cosmetics company and an international success story, founded on the purest natural ingredients in the world. Founded in 2004, the company and its products have been developed with a strong vision, determination and commitment to quality.

“Since VANI-T’s conception in 2004, It has been dedicated to creating innovative, high demand products that have a real point of difference in image, delivery of results, quality and purity, enriched with natural and organic ingredients and stunning recyclable packaging. This fusion of ethics, luxury and performance is what we call Eco-Glamour.”

Vani-T believe in ECO-GLAMOUR:

  •  NO mineral oils
  •  NO petrochemicals
  •  NO talc
  •  NO fillers
  •  NO parabens
  •  NO artificial fragrances
  •  NO harmful preservatives

Live your best GLOW-UP minus the wet, sticky, smelly, messiness that can be fake tanning! Simply apply GlowDry powder immediately after your favourite fake tan and feel DRY with NO STICKINESS INSTANTLY! You can get fully dressed and go about your day ‘coz ain’t nobody got time for sticky fake tan’. Masking those pesky fake tan odours and ridding the dreaded transfer of tan to your clothes this really is a gamechanger for busy babes creating comfort and convenience while marinating! Now a cult favourite and fake tanning must have, see why Image Magazine crowned GlowDry ‘The best thing to happen to fake tan this year

Beauty & Laser By Sarah stocks the Glow dry starter kit – $58.00

A complimentary Glow Dry in salon Treatment with All professional in salon full body tans.

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