Tattoo Removal

Think before you ink. It’s an adage designed to prevent people from getting tattoos they may later come to regret, but with 34 per cent of tattooed Australians admitting they wish they hadn’t been permanently stamped, and one in seven of that group considering removal.

The Q-Switched Nd:YAG (Med-QLaserTM) releases light energy at the rate of nanoseconds and selectively targets ink molecules within the tattoo, breaking the molecules into smaller particles. These particles can then be cleared by your body’s natural immune system. You will see both instant fading at the time of treatment as well as gradual fading in the weeks following your treatment.

There are 4 wavelengths 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm, 650 nm this means we are able to treat all ink colours.

2cm x 2cm $69

3cm x 3xm $79

2cm x 12cm $90

6cm x 4cm $90

11cm x 6cm $180

9cm x 9cm $180

15cm x 10cm $200

Half A4 $360

A4 $499

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